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December 23, 2021

Early Childhood Care & Education Quality Assurance Systems in Africa

  • Education
  • Report
Research has consistently demonstrated the value of investing in quality Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) for improved later learning outcomes of students. While countries throughout Africa have made significant progress in building their ECCE systems, there remains much room for improvement to ensuring quality of all ECCE facilities. This report reviews ECCE Quality Assurance Systems (QAS) in 14 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa based on survey data collected from each country’s Ministry of Education and discussion with key stakeholders across the continent. The role of QAS in promoting ECCE quality has been well-documented and QASs have featured prominently in high-income countries’ efforts to improve ECCE quality. Data and information gleaned from survey responses gave insight into 1) the existence of quality standards in Africa; 2) what kinds of monitoring systems are in place across the continent to monitor these standards; and 3) repercussions in place if standards are not met… more

March 26, 2021

Early Childhood Measurement Tools Webinar Slide Deck

By ECD Measure Team

  • Global, South Africa
  • Presentation
Presentation from the March 25, 2021 Together for Early Childhood Evidence webinar focused on early childhood measurement tools, with a spotlight on the Early Learning Outcomes Measure (ELOM) from South more

February 1, 2020

Data for Impact in ECE Technical Guide

  • Technical Guidance
Early childhood education (ECE) is expanding in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, there are notable concerns about access and quality in ECE. The availability of good data and welldesigned measurement plays a key role in raising awareness of both the current strengths and remaining challenges in reaching the twin goals of equity and access in ECE. This technical guide provides a starting point for assessing the status of early childhood data and more