USAID Research Division Partners and Programs

The Development, Research, and Innovation Virtual Engagements (DRIVE) Convening brought together research experts and thinkers in a diverse array of partners and programs to achieve advancing high-quality research for development and research utilization. Below are acronyms that were used for our various initiatives and associated websites. USAID ITR’s research partners were invited to learn more about each of these initiatives by perusing the websites.


Acronym  Title Website
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
AidData AidData Center for Development Policy
ALP Accelerating Local Potential
ASPIRE Achieving Sustainable Partnerships for Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship
BRIDGE-Train Building Research and Innovation for Development, Generating Evidence, and Training
BRIDGE-U Bringing Research to Impact for Development, Global Engagement, and Utilization
CARISCA Center for Applied Research in Supply Chain-Africa
CITE Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation
ConDev Center on Conflict and Development
DDI Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation
DIL Development Impact Lab
DRIVE Development, Research, and Innovation Virtual Engagements
GCFSI Global Center for Food Systems Innovation
HESN Higher Education Solutions Network
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IDIN International Development Innovation Network
ISEF International Science and Engineering Fair
ITR Innovation, Technology, and Research Hub
ITR/R The Research Division in the Innovation, Technology, and Research Hub
JSF Jefferson Science Fellowship
LASER Long-term Assistance and Services for Research
LISA Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis
MUST-ISP Malawi University of Science and Technology – Innovation Scholars Program
NEXTi2i New Entrepreneurship Xchange for Transformation: Idea to Impact
PEER Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research
PISBIC Partnership for Innovation and Sustainable Informatics Capacity in Kenya
RAN Resilient Africa Network
RPC Research Policy and Coordination
RTAC Research Technical Assistance Center
SEAD Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke
STIP APS Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership Annual Program Statement